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Shivon Jackson-Manuel (she/her) brings vast experience, both lived and professional, to advancing Black and LGBTQ+ inclusion. Throughout her career, she has been an influential speaker participating on women in leadership panels, LGBTQ+ panels, DEI advisory consultations, and ERG development and strategy implementation.

Shivon received her Master of Science in Management from Argosy University and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management from Clark Atlanta University. She has also obtained the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace certification from the University of South Florida.

Latino millennials constitute the second largest segment of the millennial population. By sheer numbers they will inevitably have a significant social, economic, and political impact on U.S. society. Beyond basic demographics, however, not much is known about how they make sense of themselves as Americans.

In Citizens but Not Americans,Nilda Flores-González examines how Latino millennials understand race, experience race, and develop notions of belonging. Based on nearly one hundred interviews, Flores-González argues that though these young Latina/os are U.S. citizens by birth, they do not feel they are part of the “American project,” and are forever at the margins looking in. The book provides an inside look at how characteristics such as ancestry, skin color, social class, gender, language and culture converge and shape these youths’ feelings of belonging as they navigate everyday racialization.

The voices of Latino millennials reveal their understanding of racialization along three dimensions―as an ethno-race, as a racial middle and as ‘real’ Americans. Using familiar tropes, these youths contest the othering that negates their Americanness while constructing notions of belonging that allow them to locate themselves as authentic members of the American national community.

Challenging current thinking about race and national belonging, Citizens but Not Americans significantly contributes to our understanding of the Latino millennial generation and makes a powerful argument about the nature of race and belonging in the U.S.

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